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Empowering users to purchase premium and luxury good through an authentic platform.
Kick Game
Senior Product Designer

Founded in 2013, Kick Game is a premium footwear and apparel retailer that ships globally and operates online and seven retail stores in the U.K. It is renowned as the destination for exclusive, collectible, and rare sneakers and streetwear.

The goal of these projects were to improve the customer (buyer) user experience. This involved improving site navigation, an updated product display page, a better checkout experience and more refined search functionality.

User Interviews + Surveys

Through user interviews and a survey given to current customers I unearthed critical insights. The feedback highlighted significant challenges revolving around the search feature and site navigation. Users expressed frustration with the existing search functionality and found the site navigation less intuitive, pointing to a clear need for enhancements in these areas to elevate the overall user experience

Talking points with other key stakeholders.

I held a focus group with founders, the team and other key stake holders of the business to find out other key areas in which they believed could be improved upon to increase user engagement and improve conversion rates. The two key take aways from this were an updated product display page, and a more efficient checkout experience

A better way to browse.

Recognising the pivotal role of site navigation, I focused on refining the site's mega menu to enhance user exploration. Streamlining categories, prioritising key sections, and introducing clear visual cues significantly improved the mega menu's intuitiveness. This redesign not only addressed user concerns but also fostered a more efficient and enjoyable navigation experience, contributing to overall user satisfaction and improved engagement.

Improved search functionality

To address the challenges identified with the search feature, I implemented a series of enhancements aimed at delivering more accurate and intuitive results. Introducing autocomplete suggestions, showing users whats 'Hot right now' and more product details. These improvements not only alleviated user frustration but also transformed the search feature into a more powerful tool, enabling customers to quickly locate desired products and enhancing their overall browsing experience.

Easier way to select sizes & checkout.

To enhance the user experience, I focused on refining the item size selector, implementing a visually more intuitive flow and interface, and streamlined options for easy selection. Additionally, I optimised the checkout flow. The improvements contributed to a more efficient and satisfying end-to-end shopping experience.

Browsablilty and collection page improvements

I introduced a feature allowing customers to view items in alternative colours directly from the product page, providing a more comprehensive shopping experience. Additionally, I revamped the collection pages, implementing a visually cohesive layout, improved filtering options, and enhanced product categorisation to ensure that users could easily discover and explore items within their preferred collections. These enhancements not only enriched the visual appeal of the platform but also facilitated a more intuitive and engaging browsing experience for our customers.

Improving product display pages

I optimised the product display pages by implementing a visually appealing and responsive design, ensuring an immersive and cohesive presentation of product details. The addition of high-quality imagery, concise descriptions, and user-friendly navigation/browsability elements significantly improved the overall aesthetic and usability, offering customers a more engaging and informative experience when exploring individual products.

Embarking on this project was particularly enjoyable as it allowed me to creatively reimagine and enhance the user experience based on direct user insights. The challenge of turning  feedback into tangible design solutions, especially in refining features like the mega menu, PDP and search functionality, brought a rewarding blend of problem-solving and creativity. Additionally, the iterative process of testing and implementing improvements kept the project dynamic and engaging, fostering a continuous cycle of learning and refinement.

Creative Freedom - The project highlighted the significance of creative freedom in design, enabling me to innovate and reimagine user experiences based on identified pain points and user preferences.

User Research Impact: Conducting user research, encompassing interviews and surveys, was instrumental in uncovering critical user challenges and provided a solid foundation for targeted design interventions.

Continuous Learning - The iterative nature of the project emphasised the importance of continuous learning, from refining the mega menu to optimising the checkout flow. This iterative process allowed for dynamic adjustments and improvements, enhancing both the design skills and the overall user experience.
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