Kick Game
A sleek new app experience for consignors to sell luxury goods.
Kick Game
Senior Product Designer

Founded in 2013, Kick Game is a premium footwear and apparel retailer that ships globally and operates online and seven retail stores in the U.K. It is renowned as the destination for exclusive, collectible, and rare sneakers and streetwear.

The goal of this project was to create a smoother, more intuitive native-app experience for consignors both new and existing. This included new sign-up/sign-in flows, a better 'create a listing' experience, a notification centre and more.

User Interviews

Through conducting  insightful user interviews, using Kick Game's list of users, I uncovered critical pain points among our current consignors. The study revealed frustrations stemming from unclear user flows, a perplexing user interface, and a noticeable deficit in key features compared to competitors.

Usability Testing

Building on the initial user interviews, I conducted thorough usability testing on our current platform, and competing platforms. I explored how users engaged with both, aiming to gain insights into feature usage patterns and design preferences. This multifaceted approach allowed me to identify pain points, validate user feedback, and draw meaningful comparisons, providing a comprehensive understanding of the overall user experience of a consignor

Defining the consignor user journey.

With a comprehensive understanding gained from user interviews and usability testing, I proceeded to gather the insights into a list of key features essential for addressing user pain points and enhancing overall usability. Simultaneously, I crafted user journeys, mapping out the ideal pathways based on user needs and preferences. This approach allowed me to synthesise user expectations with functional requirements, forming a cohesive framework that guides the strategic development of our consignor platform.

Developing the layout + structure.

I translated the identified features and user journeys into low-fidelity wireframes. These wireframes served as a skeletal representation of the platform's interface, providing a visual foundation for the proposed design. Iterating through multiple versions, I ensured that each wireframe iteration aligned with usability principles, maintaining a focus on simplicity, clarity, and seamless navigation to address the earlier identified pain points. I conducted usability tests with consignors that came into the office to ensure needs were met.

Creating & developing the design system

Crafting the design system & UI Library for Kick Game involved a strategic blend of aesthetics and functionality. I began by defining a consistent visual language, encompassing colour schemes, typography, and iconography, aligning it closely with the brand's identity. Through collaborative iterations and usability testing, I refined interaction patterns, ensuring a seamless and intuitive user experience. I also created a dark mode version of all components.

Updated sign-up/sign in flow.

I translated the refined low-fidelity wireframes into high-fidelity. For the sign-up/sign-in flow I integrated social log-ins,  that not only prioritised user experience but also presented a new  polished and cohesive interface.


In designing the updated "Sell" feature, I prioritised creating a streamlined and intuitive flow for users to easily search and list their products. By employing user-centric design principles, I ensured that the listing process was straightforward, offering a seamless experience for sellers to efficiently showcase and sell their products.

Notification Centre

Recognising the importance of user engagement, I extended the design scope to incorporate a notification centre seamlessly integrated with push notifications. This feature  keeps users informed about their listings.

Manage listings

To empower users with greater control over their listings, I introduced a manage listings feature enabling users to pause and extend listings as needed. This functionality enhances user flexibility.

Engaging with this project brought several enjoyable aspects, such as the creative challenge of transforming user feedback into tangible design solutions. I particularly enjoyed the collaborative process, working with cosignors and developers to iteratively refine and enhance the platform's user experience. Additionally, the dynamic nature of designing features like 'Sell' and listing management provided a rewarding mix of problem-solving and creativity, making the project thoroughly enjoyable and fulfilling.

Solo Design Agility - As a solo designer, the ability to independently navigate the design process and make decisions empowered me to maintain agility and adapt to evolving project needs efficiently.

User Interaction Insights - Direct interactions with users through interviews and usability testing provided invaluable insights, emphasising the significance of aligning design decisions with real user expectations and preferences.

Leadership - Taking the lead on this project underscored the importance of proactive leadership, from setting design priorities to driving the decision-making process, ensuring a cohesive and user-centric outcome.
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